Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yoyogi Stadium, Row 10, Seat 14, 10 am on the 9th September... Hajime. The start of the World Judo Championships Tokyo 2010. The first time the World Championships had returned to its spiritual home for 58 years. So began a five day judofest, an extravaganza of waza, a whirling of judogi, a battering of tatami, and an explosion of ippon.

Ippon was the theme of the competition, from the calligraphy in the opening ceremony, to the spellbinding Oguruma by Junpei Morishita to win the 66kg.

Congratulations to coach Kenzo Nakamura for that result. Kenzo has been a guest lecturer on the European Judo Union Level 4 Performance Coach Award, where great coaches learn to make great players.

Can you imagine coaching your player in the final of the World Championship? An epic journey begins with the first step. Go to and enrol on the EJU Level 3 Advanced Coach Award online. A small step to take to be the best coach you can be.

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