Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best Coach in the World?

I can remember when I was a young player having ambitions to be the best player in the world. Perhaps you did too.

As a coach, do you have ambitions to be the best coach in the world?

Try an exercise. Write down how you would know if someone was the best coach in the world. What are the criteria?

Then try writing a list of some nominees for the title of best coach in the world.

Could you write your own name on that list? If not, what would you have to do to get your name on the list? These could be your coaching goals.

What could you do today, that would take a small step towards one of those goals?

Do it.

Your players and you will benefit from the journey.

Please comment on this post with your list of top 5 all time coaches.

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(The picture above is Sato Nobuyuki Sensei, he would make my shortlist for the best coach in the world. Photo courtesy of David Finch at www.

1 comment:

  1. All for different reasons I believe this to be some of the best Coaches/Managers in the world – for various reasons,

    Alex Furgeson – Coach Manger Manchester United
    Rainer Martens –
    Jurgen Grobler – British Rowing
    Roy Inman - BJA
    Mike Tomlin – Pittsburgh Steelers