Thursday, December 3, 2009

Judo - more than sport!

I love this new corporate look from the EJU, and their tag line is fantastic.

Judo - more than sport!

We all know it's true. Definitely more than a sport, no question about it.

We are who we are because of judo. I know that's true for me. It shapes the places we visit, who our friends are, who our heroes are, what we do in our spare time, what we do in our work time, and what our dreams are.

What is it about judo that makes it more than sport. What is it that means it's not wrestling in pyjamas? Can you define it. Can you add a little of it into your coaching sessions? Could you just spend an extra 60 seconds of the next class that you coach, trying to put it across.

I remember, earlier in my career I was lucky enough to work for the legendary Syd Hoare. Syd once told me, 'The secret of judo is like your eyebrows, so close, yet you can't see it.'

Thanks Syd.

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