Monday, December 7, 2009


Yesterday I had the pleasure and privilege of coaching alongside Yuko Nakano and Alan Jones. Both legends, Alan already is, and Yuko will be soon.

We were invited to lead the Police Sport UK training camp in the Welsh National Judo Centre.

I was awestruck by the precision of technique of my fellow coaches. Both so very different in style, but each absolutely clear about the movement they were doing.

It made me think that, the confidence of knowing exactly what you are doing, and being able to repeat it precisely over and over again, is something that all coaches must strive for.

Yuko covers what appears to be basic judo, yet in a way that is fresh and original. She makes it seem so simple.

Alan, is unique, he has his own style which is crisp and clear, with no frills. He makes it seem so simple.

Thanks both. works with the European Judo Union to deliver the Level 3 Advanced Coach Award.

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